All dogs must be current on:
    1.   Rabies (exception: young Puppies not able to have Rabies vaccine yet due to age or      weight)
    2.   Distemper/Parvo vaccine (some form of DHPP)
    3.   Bordetella (Kennel Cough vaccine)
    4.   Negative Fecal within the last twelve months.  

You will be asked to provide copies of the vaccination records at least a week before class to double-check that all are safe for class and to be with other dogs.  Please email to: stating in subject, VET RECORDS

If you practice holistic veterinary medicine on your dog, please discuss what is needed for class medical records with Liz.

Attendees (including children)

We encourage human family members to attend class (children ~minimum 10 years old~ are welcome IF they will be attentive and are accompanied by another adult or chaperone~other than the handler of the dog).  

Dog training should be a family affair to ensure the same message is communicated from human to dog, hence, having the family present at class! 


If your pooch needs a potty break during class, by all means, give 'em one right away! Please pick up after your pooch, just imagine if no one did!  There are bags distributed around the grounds (tied to the handles of the trash bins and along the fence). If you can't find one, please ask!


We live in Michigan, therefore the need to postpone classes due to dangerous weather could occur. That is why it is important to have phone numbers that you can be reached at listed on your enrollment form. If there are "warning" advisories posted on the radio, tv, etc. for the Lowell area we will possibly not be holding class but we will notify your directly (phone call or email & posted on Channel 13 WZZM). If there are "watches", please contact us to check on the class status.

If you choose not to attend class do to the weather or pooch/human illness, please call or email Liz or your instructor so we don't worry and make arrangements to try to make up class material.


We do occasionally send some class photos to our Facebook page and by enrolling in class you do agree to this. Please, no video-taping to be done during class, this is deemed very distracting to both the humans and dogs in class, therefore taking away from class content. 

Our recommended class sequence for a dog beginning would be to have an Obedience class or two taken, then Beginning and then Advanced Beginning then Intermediate Agility.  All of these classes are repeatable. We are very conscientious of your dog's age and do keep our exercises safe for growing dogs. Our PUPPY Agility class is run with having the pups do all low obstacles, nothing that they could injure their selves with, we are very conscientious about the safety of our dog students. 

We also recommend that your dog be cleared by a vet as being healthy enough to participate in agility. If your dog has any health concerns such as age, hip or elbow dysplasia, arthritis, obesity, etc. please let the instructor know and we can find ways to make the class fun for you and your dog with out causing injury.

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